On-Line Ordering:
Click the Pictage logo to order On-line from your photo session
Joe Redd Photography is pleased to provide convenient on-line print ordering to our customers through our partnership with Pictage. 
1. Find and select your event from the list on the linked page.
2. If this is the first time you have visited the Pictage site, register as a new user and create a username and password.
3. If you already have a Pictage account, login using your existing username and password.
4. If the photographs are available, you will be prompted for an "event key".  This should have been provided to you in your event notification e-mail sent to you by Joe Redd Photography.
If required, please contact Joe Redd Photography for details.
5. If your photographs are not yet on-line, choose to have Pictage notify you when the event has been made available.
Forms and Methods of Payments Accepted for Services and Orders: (Texas sales tax must be added for Texas residents)
The following major credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash and your personal checks are accepted directly through Joe Redd Photography.  $50 fee charged on returned checks. 
You can also pay for the following service fees using PayPal plus Texas sales tax 8.25%.
Joe Redd Photography High School Senior Outdoor Special
Senior Package with bonus. Texas sales tax applies.
Price: $175.00
Joe Redd Photography Baby Plan
Baby Plan (3, 6, 9, & 12 Months) This plan is just for your baby. For a one-time session fee you can
bring your baby in four different times during a one year period. That’s
not all. You will receive 1 5x7 with each session!
Texas Sales tax applies.
Price: $75.00
Joe Redd Photography Combination Session Fee
2 Hour session. 1 hour indoor and 1 hour outdoor session. Texas sales tax applies.
Price: $45.00
Joe Redd Photography Indoor Session Fee
1 Hour indoor session. Texas sales tax applies.
Price: $25.00
Joe Redd Photography Wedding Retainer A
Retainer for services $600 and under
Price: $150.00
Joe Redd Photography Wedding Retainer
Retainer for services over $1,000
Price: $300.00
If there is another service or item you would like listed under the Paypal payment area please contact us via email or telephone with your submission.
Thank you for your business. 
We work very hard to provide exceptional customer service.
Please let us know if we can improve your online experience.
Please visit us again and often.
Take care and God bless.
Your friend,
Joe Redd Photography
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